Race Relations

“Blah Blah Corporation is committed to a policy of equal employment opportunity and considers all persons without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, disability or any other legally protected classification as defined by the city, state, or federal law.”

This is a pretty standard blurb on a company website and I found this under the heading of “Diversity” on a company’s website. But clearly, employment opportunity is not equal as long as the law says businesses must hire a certain number of minorities.  I live in a city where white people are a minority yet Affirmative Action doesn’t work in our favor. It’s illegal to have only white employees but perfectly legal to have all an entirely black staff. I think the citizens of Atlanta actually get along fine but the government makes everything strained and difficult.

I saw another example of racial harmony this morning at a diner. A black man and a white man started talking  from tables that were across the room from each other. My boyfriend and I were eating breakfast and so we were privy to their entire conversation. 

When he finished eating, white man came over and sat at the black man’s table (right behind me). They continued their conversation and were very encouraging of one another. The white man told how he’s been searching for a job for a while now and the black man said he’d recently  retired from the Army.

I enjoy seeing strangers have positive interactions like these two men and I see it quite frequently. This was a rant and I appreciate your reading it.  I was annoyed when I started this but writing about these men and remembering their friendly chat makes me feel better.





Do black people really have equal rights in America?

I think that we should all be outraged by how black Republicans and Conservatives are treated by the Liberal media and Democrats. When I say “all”, I mean everyone—all private citizens. It’s very scary when you think that there is any group of people that is not allowed to believe in certain social, economic or political principles. That moron Janean Garofalo insulted Cain, women and gays in one statement but it’s accepted because she’s a Liberal and so what she said must be alright. I am saying that it is not alright. We all need to come together and make a big deal about these kinds of comments. IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE TO INSULT CONSERVATIVES ANYMORE. NO MORE OF THE DOUBLE STANDARD!  She also called Libertarians Conservatives in disguise and said we’re all a bunch of “racists”.

I am so angry at the smear campaign that has been launched against Herman Cain. Honestly, Democrats have a history of smearing their opposition whenever they can and race doesn’t have any bearing on that. But this time it’s different. This time if Mr. Cain had gotten the nomination, then it would’ve been black man against black man for president. Liberals could’ve kept trying to play the race card but eventually it would just seem ridiculous to even the simplest of minds. That was something the Dems had to avoid. Hence the very ambiguous allegations of sexual harassment against Herman Cain. The result of said allegations was actually an increase in Cain’s notoriety and campaign contributions because so few people believed the mud that was being slung and so many of us seemed to know what was going on.

Then there was the finishing touch. Ginger White alleges she had an extra marital affair with Cain that lasted for 13 years. Honestly, it’s such a ludicrous story. I’ve seen an interview with Gloria Cain, Herman’s wife. She is what I would describe as a Southern Lady. These women Herman’s supposed to have been messing around with are not at all in her league. They don’t seem to be the type of women a successful businessman would go for. Ginger White does not seem like the kind of woman a brilliant, successful, married man would risk his career and family for.

Prior to all these outrageous allegations, Mr. Cain was constantly assaulted with remarks about his race. Liberals are absolutely obsessed with race. If you’re black, you’d better be a liberal. Then, if your politics are ever criticized, everyone will just say it’s because your critics are “racists” (a misused word). But if you’re a black conservative, your liberal critics can actually attack you on the basis of your race and somehow make it out to be YOUR fault and that’s okay. Even Juan Williams has been attacked and called a “House Negro” by another black man on the Fox News Channel because his position on some issue was not as liberal as that guy thought it should be. It’s terrible.

The attacks on Herman Cain’s race have been totally outrageous and not one of the people who attacked him would have stood for the same treatment of Obama. How much more double standard are we going to accept??

Why aren’t more people outraged?

On a side note, my boyfriend is from England. You know, our greatest ally who’s Prime Minister Obama continues to insult. He says in England they don’t have the race issues that we have because they are not always trying to “celebrate their differences”. They are just sort all thrown together as equals. They’re not always told how different they are. It’s something to think about because what we’re doing here clearly is not working very well.


Herman Cain

I was so excited when Herman Cain announced his candidacy for president. I have been familiar with Cain for a few years thanks to WSB radio here in Atlanta. He started out just filling in for Neal Boortz on his show when Boortz was away but then he began hosting his own show in the evenings. I got to call him once and be on the radio—he was very nice.

I was excited that he was going to run for president because I am familiar with his common sense solutions to problems. I think he’s a wonderful human being and he is a brilliant man. I knew that he would be able to fix the economic damage Obama has done to our country.

I was also excited because he’s black so I didn’t think we would have to endure any of the racial arguments during the election and after he became president. I was looking forward to that but I forgot who we were dealing with. I forgot how everything is about race for a liberal and it’s never good if you’re a Republican or a conservative. Somehow, they managed to turn Cain’s race against him and the Republican party.

The woman Sharon Bailek who went public with her terribly convincing account of Mr. Cain’s feeling up her dress has hired attorney Gloria Allred. Where’d she get the money for that? The statute of limitations is up on the complaint of sexual harassment, so what is she doing? She has a history of financial and legal problems. Gloria Allred has called Cain a “serial offender” and yet only 2 women from a 3 year stint in his career have ever complained. Interestingly, the women all have a history of being troublemakers in the workplace and they all worked at the National Restaurant Association.

The most recent woman, Ginger White, just seems nuts to me but she is also a woman from Cain’s days at the NRA. She said that she decided to come out with this story of their long-time affair saying of Mr. Cain’s accusers, “ It bothered me that they were being demonized, sort of, they were treated as if they were automatically lying, and the burden of proof was on them,”  What? What does that mean? When did our country’s court system start demanding that a person prove his innocence? The burden of proof is still on the accusers.  This woman clearly does not have both oars in the water. She, too, has an attorney although she is facing eviction later this month and is “struggling to make ends meet”. How can she afford a lawyer?

Honestly, I don’t believe Herman Cain had an affair. I don’t think he’s that kind of man but the truth is that I don’t think it’s any of our business. That is really between him and his wife Gloria. It also has nothing to do with what kind of president he’ll be. Morality is the Republican Party’s Achilles’ heel. All our opposition has to do is merely suggest that a candidate was immoral or unchristian at some time and we will do the rest. We will rip him apart or just turn our backs on him. Democrats laugh at us for it and I really don’t blame them. Our expectations of people are unrealistic. Although I will say again that I believe Herman Cain is innocent of all of the allegations that have come from these women from the NRA where he worked for 3 years nearly 20 years ago.

I feel more loyalty toward Cain every time these smear campaigns start up. I find myself wanting to send him more money and wear my Herman Cain button even more proudly—I already have a bumper sticker on my car. I was a member of the Herman’s Intelligent Thinker Movement before he decided to run for president. I think the world of Mr. Cain but at the same time, I will NOT allow anyone to tell me how to feel about him. The liberal media began attacking Cain saying that Republicans would turn away from him now that we’ve seen allegations from a blonde white woman. They said now Republicans won’t be so comfortable having him around us anymore.
That infuriates me. The moron media acts like Herman Cain is the first black guy in the Republican Party. That is just ridiculous. With all the accusations of “racism” (a word that is being misused), they are the ones with the prejudice—Republicans never say anything about anyone’s race, that subject always comes from Democrats. The liberal media is  offensive to me all the time but I really got mad when they told me I was going to turn my back on my chosen candidate because a white, blonde woman got on television and read a lie she had written about him.  I know what trash looks like, even when it’s white. My allegiance lies with Mr. Cain. I will never doubt his character and there is no disputing that he is a genius.


I will never say “African-American”

I was talking to a black friend of mine tonight. I asked him if he calls himself “African-American” or black these days. (I hadn’t seen him in a while). He said he hasn’t thought about it one way or the other. I told him that I will never use that term and then I started to explain why. First, I said that it doesn’t describe a person’s skin color (the police still say black, white, Hispanic, etc. when they describe what someone looks like). We had already discussed how many white South Africans there are in this country. If they become citizens then THEY would be African-Americans while at the same time being white. Hmm. The second reason I gave was that it’s just another way for black people to separate themselves from their fellow citizens. But before I finished that statement, he interrupted me with that same statement. That using the term “African-American” is just another way to stand out. To be different. Not equal to but different from. Is it shameful to be “black”? The term divides us.

I hear “African-American” everyday on the radio and TV. I listen to conservative talk radio and I only watch FOX NEWS for my news and politics. Even those (racist) media sources are buying into the PC term.

I told my BLACK friend that I think Africa is falling apart and I don’t really understand why so many black Americans want so desperately to associate themselves with it. The Methodist church recently had a “Shoes for Africa” collection. The children over there are getting parasitic worms from walking around barefoot because they have no shoes. The poverty in those countries is unreal. The poverty stricken in Africa have no clean or running water, no electricity, dirt floors in their huts (if they have a hut), no food and AIDS is sweeping through the continent. Babies die daily from diarrhea.

In this awful country that our “African-American” First lady is proud of for the “first time in her adult lifetime”, people who live below the poverty line have housing with clean, running water, electricity, heat, air conditioning, cable TV, food (food stamps) , medical care (Medicaid), transportation (cars or public transit) and they have cell phones. If we weren’t such a wealthy nation, our people who live in “poverty” might be more comparable to the real poverty in African nations.

 I don’t think Europe is that great either so you don’t have to call me a “European-American”. I’m just white. I’m just an American. I am an American who is white.


September 11, 2001

I still remember that day  very clearly. The day that our president wants to make a National Day of Service. He’s all about service, isn’t he? Not service to our country by serving in the military. Not service protecting our fellow citizens.  Obama’s meaning of service is doling out soup to homeless people or working for free in poor areas. But I digress.

The day those planes hit the World Trade towers, causing them to collapse killing thousands of civilians, and the plane that hit the Pentagon and the one that crashed in a field is a day I will not forget. I didn’t really understand what was going on when the first plane hit. There was talk of its having been an accident. That sounded good to me. Until the second plane hit. I didn’t know what else was going to happen. I felt like everything was spiraling out of control. I felt that our country was under attack. We were.


I, like many of my fellow citizens, had felt very safe and secure in my country prior to that day eight years ago. I never thought that we would be the victims of that kind of massive terrorist attack. I never thought about it at all. Fortunately, we had a president who took charge and made sure that wasn’t going to happen to us again, at least as long as he was president. I thank God that Al Gore didn’t win that fateful election. I feel sure that he would not have known what to do and we would have ended up losing thousands more American civilian lives.

For weeks after that attack, there was a different feeling in the country. For the first time that I ever was aware of, there was no “black” and no “white”, there was only American. We were all Americans and we had all suffered the same heart-breaking attack. In a lot of ways, it drew us all together. But of course, that came to an end.

Eventually, people started claiming that “9-11 was an inside job”. The goal there was obviously make George Bush look very bad. That kind of propaganda keeps the country torn. There can be no unity.

What makes those 9-11 Truthers, like former Green Jobs Czar Van Jones think a government that would murder thousands of its own innocent citizens for the purpose of starting a war would then just sit back and allow those “truthers” to sign petitions about and display bumper stickers saying that it was an inside job? Wouldn’t that same ruthless government go after the so called “truthers”?  It doesn’t make much sense.

 There is a reason the bad guys hate George Walker Bush and an equally valid reason that they love Barack Hussein Obama. I do not feel safe with Obama at the helm. Today, the Department of Homeland Security is headed by Janet Napolitano, a woman who doesn’t think that crossing our boarders illegally is a crime. Crossing the boarders illegally is not a crime.

 She refers to terrorist attacks as “man-caused disasters”. She feels that we need to move away from the “politics of fear” that Bush started. It’s much better and we’re much safer as a nation if we minimize and even forget the horrific attacks we suffered that day so many years ago. If we can stop guarding ourselves against the Islamic terrorists (because we need to stop hurting Muslim feelings) who still hate us and start investigating and prosecuting the agencies and administration that has been protecting us (with great success) since it happened, we’ll be better off. That’s great logic. Ignorance is bliss.


President Barack Hussein Obama the Socialist

Let’s review again what Socialism is, what it means.  An economic system in which the government owns and controls businesses like banks, car companies, health care, etc. is a socialist system. A person who compels and propagates this form of governing is what is called a socialist.


Let’s now take a look at what is going on in our government today. Obama has taken over the management of Chrysler, resulting in nearly 800 dealerships closing and thousands of people losing their jobs and  GM under the guise of “restructuring”. He wants to socialize our healthcare system. That will result in thousands of lost jobs in the private insurance companies. Socialized medicine will wipe out a huge portion of private sector jobs and make all medical practitioners government employees.


 Just because he likes to call it “nationalized healthcare”, doesn’t change that it is a socialized system. In fact, as far as I know, “nationalization” is the same as “socializing”—I cannot discern the difference. The democrats are ruining the country and I feel like most people are just sitting quietly. Too many people have no idea what is going on.

Obama wants the right to “seize” private businesses if his administration decides that their failure would have a deleterious effect on our economy. That is nothing but a move to take control of more and more of the private sector.  Why aren’t more people afraid of and outraged by that?? Are we really that ignorant of our laws and constitution that we are just going to allow B. Obama and the democrat congress to transform our country?


I cannot understand the educated people who are supporting nationalizing American healthcare. I have friend who is a nurse and she has told me that she “welcomes” socialized medicine. She said it will be more about a patient’s health and not about the money. I don’t understand how she thinks that. It will be more about money, or the lack there of.  Hasn’t she heard the stories of Canadians who come here for tests and operations that they have to wait months or years for in Canada? Has she heard those stories? I guess if all you need is the standard doctor visits, you’re golden. But what about cancer and heart disease? Those are time sensitive, serious and expensive health issues. Where does she think the money is coming from? My dad told me when I was young that nothing in life is free. There is always someone who has paid for it.


 There are people who like the idea of socialism. I say more power to you. Move to a country where you can pay enormous taxes and have everything controlled by the government.  Go get your “free” healthcare in Canada or the UK. You won’t even need to learn a new language.



Today I got a call from the National Right to Life Organization. The guy who called was very nice and I pledged some money. I would’ve pledged it anyway but he was nice and didn’t try to argue with me. The last guy who called from one of the Right to Life organizations (I don’t remember which and I hope it wasn’t this one) ended up telling me I was Pro-Choice after I told him I didn’t want abortion to be outlawed. After that, he did not seem to want my money—although I was willing to give.

Let’s clear some things up about abortion. A person can be Pro-Choice/Pro-Life. The thought of a world where abortion is not legal and not safely available is a scary one. I do not want abortion to be illegal and I don’t think many Pro-lifers do. I actually discussed this with a friend who is very liberal and she whole-heartedly agreed with me. Being Pro-Life doesn’t automatically indicate that you feel abortion should be illegal. I like to think that being Pro-Choice doesn’t always indicate a person is Pro-Abortion. Sadly, it seems like it does these days.

I want, along with safe and legal abortions, for there to be education about it. I want women (and girls) to know exactly what they are choosing and what is being done to their unborn children. If finding out exactly how the fetus will be killed and extracted bothers a woman, then maybe there is another option for her to explore. I want it called what it is—killing an unborn child. Let’s stop masquerading abortion as “women’s health”. I heard Ashley Judd call it that when she was asked about her support for Obama. She said something to the effect that he was for women’s health. He is for women having abortions. That’s pretty clear. He wants it not only free (funded by the tax payers) here in the U.S. but also around the world.

I think we should enact the Fair Tax and then let all the pro-abortionists donate their own money to Planned Parenthood and all the other abortion clinics of the world. Obama doesn’t even think babies born alive during an abortion are worth saving. How many people got to hear, prior to his election, about the Illinois Infants Born Alive Act that he voted against 3 times?

I would have a lot more respect for the Pro-Abortionists if they would just admit that they know the “pregnancy” is a real, unborn person but they want to terminate it anyway. I think we all know that they are lying when they say it’s not really a baby. I just wonder if they think they’re only trying to lie to us or to themselves. I have been pregnant 3 times and every time, the moment I knew that I was pregnant, I thought of it as a baby. Is a pregnancy only a “baby” if it’s wanted? It’s not really a baby if you don’t want to have one. If we would stop lying to women and girls about what a pregnancy is, if we stop downplaying the fact that there is a growing, living human being inside their bodies, that might cut down on abortion.

The irony of the abortion issue is that the Pro-Abortionists tend to be tree-huggers. Those who cannot bare the idea of cutting down trees to construct neighborhoods and other buildings or to make paper. They are recyclers (although I recycle and I think more people should;-), because our trash kills animals and all of our construction is destroying the habitats of those same animals. They care so much about the animals. They tend to be the animal rescue people—although I fully support that and have fostered some dogs at my house before they got placed in homes. The point is that these are the same people, usually women, who care about trees and dogs and cats but killing a baby in utero is just “women’s health”.